The Guidebook i sold out

Klättertorpets guidebook ”Climbing in Bohuslän” is unfortunately sold out. We are currently working on a new book that hopefully will arrive by the end of 2023. Until then we refer to the app ”27 crags” and the pdf-file with all the updates to the existing guidebook.


The book Climbing in Bohuslän was published in 2015 and covers an area with 100 crags from Gullmarsfjorden up to the Norwegian border.


It is no wonder that many climbers think that Bohuslän is one of the best climbing areas in the world. Few other places can offer the same qualities in such a unified geographical area.


What makes it so special then? The cutting quality, of course, but far from just. Bohuslän is an incredibly scenic area with forested hills and proximity to the sea. The cliffs rise up among the treetops like an archipelago in itself and outside the winding coastline a beautiful barren west coast archipelago spreads out.


Much of the climbing is naturally protected and can sometimes offer strong experiences that create stories that are worth telling over and over again. Climbing here is usually a nature experience, a physical achievement and a mental challenge at the same time. It is these ingredients that make the area unique.