God invented the Earth.

Anything that occurs normally and repeatedly is the normal manifestation by God’s powers, not a supernatural manifestation. They also restrict what they can be used for since tools can limit the way that a subject engages in the objects. Was the Creation of all the worlds organic or supernatural? During the creation week God was bringing into being things that had never before existence. For instance, a person with the bucket and sponge obliged to work towards the goal of "cleaning an entire home" more than someone using an electric power washer (McAvinia, 2016). God invented the Earth. Activities have rules and an Division of Labor.

He created animals, plants as well as people online with no predecessors. There are rules that affect activities. These are not things God does not continue to create to this day.

Rules of the Community as along with those of Division of Labour also impact the activities. They don’t happen repeatedly over time and therefore are supernatural. However, this isn’t the sole structure of an activity theory because every node within the activity system are linked and are therefore able to affect the other (McAvinia 2016). Genesis 2:2 demonstrates that God is not performing the acts of creation in the present like He did in the time of creation. Rules A person’s actions are governed by the group of which they are members along with the rules that govern the community.

In this verse, it is stated that by 7th day God concluded the creation (of creating). Rules can be written or not. Because God does not perform this moment what He did in the week of creation it is certain that the entire creation period was a time of divine manifestations that demonstrated God’s authority. For example, although the requirements for becoming an oath-taking doctor are laid out in the Hippocratic oath, the guidelines concerning acceptable behavior during an event may be implicit (McAvinia, 2016). The universe’s creation and the celestial lights, the Earth as well as life on Earth consequently cannot be properly explained by the naturalistic model. Division of Labor. The naturalistic theory for the creation of the universe is not true because it is based on the assumption that the universe was formed the same way as it is observed today.

It is also possible to regulate activities through the division of labour in a group. The beginning of the universe was not a violentand nature-based "bang." This was a sequence of things that was supernaturally created after the Lord declared them to be. This division of labor may be different based on the specific the context. The Future.

While the division of labor at the workplace will be determined by the roles of each individual while a classroom might have the division of labor as all students (McAvinia (2016)). The traditional model is not just a tale of the past but also a story of the future. Operations and actions are a part of the activities. There were initially three models of the universe’s future allowed within the Big Bang Model.

The activity system is composed of three levels three levels: Activity, Action and Operation. Recent observations have basically eliminated all but the second place. An activity is a larger system that aims for an individual is to transform the object into a product and a goal-oriented action and is part of the entire activity; it is a self-contained procedure that contributes to the actions related to the task. Based on the most popular model that it is likely that the universe would grow in perpetuity.

Any change in the conditions at these levels may stop the activity or cause an issue to the entire system. It is expected that energy continues to change from usable form to unusable state. It is also possible for activities to become activities if they are no longer motivated by their primary motivation, which is the purpose. After some time, all energy usable will disappear. In the words of Kuuttii (1996) the actions are deliberate and are based on goals but their objectives differ from the goal of the activity. The "heat dying" stars will cease to exist, and living isn’t likely to be. The same act can help in different tasks (McAvinia, 2016).

The universe will become only radiation of low energy or black black holes. Wide-ranging contradictions of Activity Systems. It’s a pretty grim outlook, and does not agree with the vision of the future within the Bible. Contradictions is one of the terms used to describe a situation Activity Theory to describe misfits within the elements, between them among different activities or between various developmental stages of an activity (Kuuttii in 1996). The Bible states it is a future judgement and a restoration. Primary contradictions: these are the contradictions that arise when a person is a part of more than one values system.

The new heavens and Earth will continue for eternity and those who accepted Christ as their Lord will remain forever with Him. For instance the doctor who desires to heal patients but requires his practice to be run as business (McAvinia (2016)).

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